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"A different view from the same mountains!"

Sangre de Cristo Sentinel

Mountain Publishing Company, Inc.

610 Main St. 

Westcliffe, CO 81252


About Us...


SEN~TI~NEL:  A person or sentry set to guard others, to watch over others, to protect others and to warn others of danger.



Our purpose is symbolized by the Bald Eagle.  The Bald Eagle is the symbol of our great nation's strength and freedom. Uniquely, the eagle can also be a great sentinel.  It can "see" far and wide while it soars high above us.  From there it can watch over all of us and send warnings to all it seeks to protect.




This newspaper’s main objective is to be the sentry for our fellow citizens and patriots, providing truth, awareness and alerts to dangers while protecting our God-given freedoms and our constitutional rights and liberties.





The Mountain Publishing Company, Inc. will work tirelessly to consistently serve, inform and protect the good citizens  of this rural and beautiful high country region of Southern Colorado, nestled along the magnificent Sangre de Cristo mountains.  We will be guided by the principles of the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the clear intent of our founding fathers.  We acknowledge that our basic rights and freedoms are granted by God, not by any elected representatives, and are codified in the documents above.  We can expect God’s blessings on this country only if we live by and honor our Christian-Judeo heritage and values and respect the principles and laws our founders established and which are passed down for all generations to maintain.


We believe that freedom is a gift from God and not granted to us by politicians or governments. Freedom demands responsible behavior of all citizens and must be consistent with the truths expressed in the great moral and governing guides as The Ten Commandments, The Declaration of Independence, The U.S. Constitution, and The Bill of Rights.

These were the principles that guided our founding fathers and which we believe are still relevant. These are the principles that will guide our reporting and be the basis of all our views.

We will not be constrained by the illogical, misleading and inaccurate thinking and use of "political correctness" but by truth, facts, logic and common sense.


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